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  • 1.What is DMOZ DIR?

    DMOZ DIR - Share website value

    Our ideal is to be an authoritative catalogue and website collection popular with netizens and users!

    Our advantage is resource integration, integrating netizens, webmasters and search engines. With the joint support of community catalog editors, we will go further.

    2.Submit website domain name suffix (TLD) statistical report

    Submit website domain name suffix statistical report

    3.Why do netizens like us?

    According to our own resource integration technology, we integrate the recommendation and attention of netizens and users, and make judgment and guidance for website classification, so that users can find the resources they need faster and more conveniently. Therefore, we make progress happily every day^_^

    4.What can the webmaster gain here?

    The rich and colorful Internet world is inseparable from the efforts of webmasters day and night. We thank the webmasters for providing good resources for the information age.

    If you have a site that you are willing to share with the majority of netizens, you think your site is rich in content. You are welcome to submit the website to our directory and share it with netizens.

Submit website FAQs

  • 1.The standards of DMOZ DIR included websites

    1. The website must have an independent domain name (e.g.; Not included temporarily, such as search (or;

    2. The website can be browsed normally and the content is complete;

    3. Websites that do not contain reactionary, pornographic, gambling and other bad content or provide links to bad content;

    4. The website does not contain viruses, Trojans, malicious plug-ins and websites with multiple pop-up advertisements;

    5. The website name should be as concise as possible. Do not stack keywords and do not carry any irrelevant symbols; Keywords and website description should be in line with the actual content of the website, and should not be too simple;

    6. If multiple domain names are bound to the same website, only one qualified domain name can be selected for submission;

    7. The unqualified websites will not be included; If the websites that have been included do not meet the above conditions, their display in the directory will be suspended;

    8. We do not guarantee to include all websites that meet the above conditions.

    2.Submit website process


    3.Why register as a member?

    Registered members are more personalized services, which can manage and unify the site data in time. After registering as a member, you can enjoy our more wonderful online services. (registered members are completely free)

    4.How to register a member?

    Enter the registered member page, enter the user name, and then test it. If it is normal, you can continue to register. If the user name has been used by other users, please change a user name to continue to register. The registered user name must agree to our registration terms, otherwise it cannot pass the registration!

    5.How to submit the website to the system?

    After the registered member is successful, enter the user account, click the submit website on the left and add the relevant materials of the submit website. After the addition is completed, please wait for the review of our staff. Our review cycle is generally about 5 working days. Please be patient.

    Our audit mechanism is to prevent very few users from submitting bad websites. Please understand!

    6.Can I submit multiple websites?

    You can submit multiple websites to us.

    You can not only submit your own website, but also submit other people's websites that you think are excellent, as long as you think the excellent ones are worth sharing with netizens!

    7.What is a quick audit website?

    Rapid website review: at present, it is a value-added service, which means that after members submit the website, there is no need to wait for the community editor to review by batch, and the community service specialist will directly carry out the review service, which saves the time of website promotion. Learn more

    8.Can I submit someone else's website?

    How can you find that there is an excellent website, and the website has not been included in the classified directory database for the time being, you can submit the website to us!

    9.What if my website is submitted by others?

    My website has been submitted to the category directory by others. Can't I submit it?

    Yes. If netizens think your website is excellent and worth sharing, and have submitted your website to the classified directory database, you cannot submit the website again. You can enter the member center to operate the claim website.

Member account FAQs

  • 1.What if my website doesn't have website management right?

    If your website has been included, you can obtain the website ownership verification information through "claim website" in the webmaster account center. After completing the verification according to the website ownership verification steps, you will obtain the website management right;

    2.How to make my website rank high ?

    After each website is included, a fixed website number will be automatically generated. You can insert an HTML link code into any position on the home page of your website. When a netizen clicks this link to enter the directory of this website, this website will count the inbound traffic for your website; Website ranking link code please click Login to get it. Your website can be promoted free of charge in the "website ranking list" as long as you add the website ranking link code.


    ChinaDMOZ Excellent site for free included
    ChinaDMOZ Excellent site for free included

    3.How to publish webmaster recommendation information?

    After the website you submitted is included, please log in to the webmaster account center for publishing; Please pay attention to the following points when publishing the webmaster's recommendation information:

    A. The information released must conform to the real content of the website;

    B. Do not post information or links irrelevant to this website;

    C. It is strictly prohibited to release deceptive, unhealthy, illegal or infringing information;

    D. For those who violate the above provisions, the relevant websites will be deleted from the directory and blacklisted;

    4.Do you need to review the modification of website materials again?

    Yes. We will review some basic information of your website in about two days.

    5.Can the website rejected by the audit pass the audit again?

    If the review is rejected and includes the following reasons for rejection, you can submit an appeal to the member center for handling after 10 days:

    1. The website cannot be browsed normally or the content is incomplete

    2. The selected classification directory is not appropriate

    3. The website information is filled out irregularly, the website name contains any symbols, and the keywords and website description are too simple

    4. Additional notes: operation without reference to relevant email prompts

    Note: if the audit is rejected for other reasons, re audit is not allowed.

    6.What if the website audit is suspended?

    What if the website review I submitted is suspended? Can I delete the resubmission site?

    Hello, according to our classification rules, if the website submitted is rejected and cannot be resubmitted, please submit a complaint to the member center in 10 days.

    7.What is D coins?

    D currency is a statistical code used to experience value-added services, not any legal tender. Get way

    8.What is VIP membership?

    VIP membership is a value-added service launched by classified catalogue. Becoming a VIP member will get better promotion services. VIP member details

Other help

  • 1.What are the benefits of joining the Dmoz directory?

    Simply put, it can bring more traffic to your website! If it is subdivided, it has the following benefits:

    Let your website be included by search engines faster and more;

    Let the keywords of your website name be on the first page or even the first one of the search results of the search engine;

    Through this classified directory platform, we can bring more traffic to your website.