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About this site

Privacy statement

  • Any user should read this statement carefully before using DMOZ DIR( service, Users can choose not to use the classified directory website service. Once used, it will be deemed as the recognition and acceptance of all the contents of this statement.

    About collection

    DMOZ DIR( aims to recommend various excellent websites for search engines and netizens, and provide a professional platform for webmasters to promote websites. In view of the uncertainty that the websites included by DMOZ DIR are submitted by users, it does not and does not reflect any opinions and opinions of DMOZ DIR, nor does it mean that DMOZ DIR agrees with or supports any content, opinions or positions on these included websites. We do not guarantee the safety, correctness, timeliness and legitimacy of the website and website information collected by DMOZ DIR. Visitors need to identify themselves. In case of any dispute, this website will not bear any responsibility.

    The website reserves the right to decide whether to include the website submitted by users and the right to review and edit the relevant information of the website; If your website has been included by us, you have the right to ask us to delete it from the directory.

    Privacy and related policies

    We respect and protect the personal privacy of all users who use this site. Your registered user name, e-mail address and other personal data will not be actively disclosed to third parties without your personal permission or in accordance with the mandatory provisions of relevant laws and regulations.

    Intellectual property right

    If any unit or individual believes that the content in the website included through DMOZ DIR service may be suspected of infringing its legal copyright, It shall be in accordance with the provisions of the regulations on the protection of the right to information network dissemination,Timely respond to DMOZ DIR in writing, and provide corresponding identity certificate, ownership certificate and detailed infringement certificate, After receiving the above documents, DMOZ DIR will disconnect the link from the search results to the third-party Web page accused of infringement as soon as possible.

    We reserve the right of final interpretation of all the above information and relevant regulations.

    Last updated: June 20, 2010